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What is “Partners in Excellence”

TCB takes great pride in being a successful part of your guest experience.  We consider it a great honor and don’t take the job lightly.  Over the past several years we have strived to not only provide great security and event staff for your event, but also to change the thinking behind the job to encompass the complete guest experience!  “Partners in Excellence” is TCB’s definition of our responsibility to you, our partner, and your guest.  We strive to build partnerships with your organization to achieve guest and client excellence.  Our program is separated into three areas; Leadership Excellence, Staff Excellence and Service Standards.

Staff Excellence

We create a Friendly Atmosphere:

  • We give positive first impression
  • We always arrive to work in proper TCB uniform
  • We always have a smile
  • We always use courteous words

We Give Personal Touch:

  • We treat each guest as a special individual
  • We know that a single good or bad experience can form a guest’s impression of our overall performance
  • We address guests by their names whenever possible
  • We take ownership of a problem until it is resolved


We Know The Answers:

  • We respond cheerfully and quickly if we know the answer and as soon as possible if we don’t.
  • We never pass the buck! We always take ownership of the problem.
  • We make sure we know our venue before an event starts.

We Are A Team:

  • We maintain a friendly atmosphere
  • We take our jobs seriously but not ourselves.  By having fun, we help our guest have fun too.

Service Standards

  1. Safety:  “I provide for the welfare of myself and my Guest & Partners, resulting in a positive experience.”
  2. Courtesy:  “I act at all times in a professional and courteous manner, resulting in a positive experience towards my Guest & Partners.”
  3. Experience:  “I utilize efficient and consistent procedures resulting in maximizing my Guest & Partners experiences.”