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About Us

A message from our CEO

TCB Security Services is truly a unique approach to private security contracting.  We believe our company’s standard of “Partners in Excellence” best describes our approach to doing business.   We in fact view all of our customers as partners, working together to provide excellent service.  Our organization spreads beyond our customer base. TCB has established partnerships with local law enforcement, fire, medical, as well as dispatch centers.  Together, we all work for one common goal, Safety & Security.

TCB Security Services prides itself on thinking “outside the box”. We are continuously exploring new partnerships to better provide services to the communities and customers we serve.  With the reduction in law enforcement budgets across the nation, we are often looked upon to “fill the gaps”, providing services that law enforcement can no longer afford.  Partnering with these agencies has provided us a unique affiliation. This allows us to work together as a team to reach common goals.

TCB Security Services is founded on the concrete principles, of integrity, commitment, and pride.   These standards are non-negotiable as they provide a solid foundation for which we aspire to operate day-to-day. 

We believe TCB’s employees are the backbone for delivering these standards.  TCB’s employee selection process is no easy task, we will not settle for “meeting the minimum standards”.  TCB knows our employees working in the field are a direct reflection of our organization. Therefore, we’re very selective in our hiring process.  We strive to empower each of our employees to take personal pride and ownership in their day-to-day work, which we believe provides positive results. 

I trust you will quickly see the TCB difference when given the chance to partner with your organization.  Our team takes great pride in our work, leading to excellent results in the field.  Joining together with you and your community stakeholders we can truly show you “Partners in Excellence”.

Thank You!