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Virtual Guard Service

Through the use of  internet connections, TCB provides the most sophisticated remote video monitoring solutions available.

TCB installed cameras mounted on the exterior of your home or office extends the perimeter detection capabilities of any alarm. Each time motion is detected by a camera, an alarm signal is generated and a live video feed is presented to a TCB operator who will make a decision whether or not to dispatch a member of our response team and/or the police.

This service allows response to start while a potential burglar is still thinking about breaking in, rather than waiting until he actually has.  How effective is your current CCTV system at sopping crime befor it occures?  TCB Can Help!

Remote video monitoring can be activated 24 hours a day, just during high risk times, or only upon request (for example, only when you are on vacation and no one is expected to be at your house).

In addition, TCB provides remote patrol service whereby we pro-actively log into your CCTV system and review all of your cameras at either pre-defined or random times every night.