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Healthcare Security

Security concerns at healthcare facilities present a unique challenge to the industry today.  The mere fact that a varied group of individuals has access to and make up the healthcare environment is, in and of itself, a daunting task for security experts.  When you consider the security needs of patients, the staff, visitors, physicians, vendors, accessibility to drugs, valuable surgical equipment and hospital property, they all call for one common denominator…security officers.

The presence of a uniformed security officer when you enter the premises of a healthcare facility is your first line of contact for safety.  TCB Security Agency has been a leader in providing uniformed security guard services.  Accordingly, we are keenly aware of the needs and challenges required to provide security to healthcare facilities.  Our security guards are well trained and quick to respond in a positively professional manner to all types of healthcare situation.  You can depend on us to also provide the following services:

  • Conduct foot and vehicle patrols
  • Promptly responding to emergency situation such as fire, water, electrical and follow up actions
  • Unlock doors for deliveries from vendors
  • Investigate suspicious packages, taking all necessary precautions
  • Conduct rounds on all floors checking with charge nurse
  • Escort staff to vehicles after hours
  • Direct smokers to designated areas
  • Escort unruly visitors from premises
  • Assist with the evacuation process in case of emergency
  • Respond to report of bomb or other threatening incidents as directed
  • Complete log and incident reports daily and submit to management
  • Assist with the security of ambulance of emergency deliveries as needed
  • Monitor visitor traffic in parking area, enforce handicapped parking rules
  • Respond to management’s request to control and/or observe patients for security reasons
  • Contact local police for emergency situations