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Alarm Response

There are numerous benefits of employing TCB  Security alarm response service. Here are just a few:

Click here to read a copy of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Officer Alarm Verification Requirements.


  • Alarm Verification: When an activation signal is received by our 24×7 dispatch, an alarm response agent can immediately be dispatched to the premises to verify whether the activation was inadvertent or if an actual event has taken place.  The agent radios that information to our dispatch and, in the event on an actual emergency, law enforcement is immediately dispatched to the premises.   This service meets the requirement for verification for the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office. 
  • Decreased Response Time: Due to the high number of false alarms, local law enforcement places burglar alarm activation signals at the bottom of their response list, and can take hours to respond. Through Alarm Response Service, our officers can verify your alarm activation signal and promptly dispatch local law enforcement in the event of an actual emergency, resulting in decreased response time and ensuring that help is on scene as quickly as possible.
  • Reduce Risk: Do you or your employees receive the 3:00am phone calls from your alarm company advising you of an activation.  Let us handle responding for you.  DPSST certified armed officers respond 24×7 to handle your activation.  Are you insured for and do you provide training to your employees who response to alarms at your facility?


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