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Bank Deposit Pick Up

Bank / Cash Pickups

 Amazing as it sounds, most businesses spend more money paying to have their trash picked up than it would cost them to securely move their deposits to the bank.
  • Do you self-bank your deposits?
  • Are you worried about the impact it would have on your business if your manager was harmed while transporting cash?
  • Are your managers spending too much time with deposits instead of creating a positive customer experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above question we handle all types of bank deposits with armed or unarmed couriers. We always ensure same day cash deposit so your money starts working for you immediately. Your deposits go directly from your organization to your bank; never switching hands, going to a sorting center or being held for a bulk deposit with other companies.  Our custom software sends you a digital image of your final deposit slip directly to your email.

Manage Your Risk More Effectively: With our secure bank deposit service, you can ensure that your place of business is safer by removing excess cash and limiting your exposure to internal and external theft. You’ll also eliminate the risk of transporting cash yourself, that not only threatens your cash, but your personal safety as well.

Peace of Mind

Cash handling endangers your employees, your customers and your business. You can feel better at knowing you’ve transferred that risk and the liability associated with cash transportation to TCB.

Increased Your Company’s Productivity

When you’re not transporting cash or dealing with security issues, you’re free to focus on what is important to run your business. Your employees will feel safer and more protected and will be better able to perform their core competencies.

Cost Savings

When you outsource your bank deposits to us, you reduce your reliance on expensive, in-house risk management processes and the additional training required to prepare employees to deal with security issues.

Improved Your Customer Service

Good customer service includes protecting our clients and their money. Our services deter criminal activity by reducing cash on hand and visually assuring customers of your commitment to their safety.

So whether you just need a courier to handle your bank deposit of checks so you can focus on your core competencies or you are a business who deals with cash deposits, TCB is your one stop courier.


TCB never commingles your funds. All cash pickups are made during your desired time and securely delivered to your bank.