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Educational Security

Today, more than ever before, the demand for security guard services in education facilities has sky rocketed.  In light of recent incidents in schools and universities nationwide, parents, administrators and yes, even students have requested more security and/or police presence at their facilities.  Excessive drug activity, bullying and individuals reporting to educational facilities with weapons or other illegal items require new and innovative security measures.

At TCB Security, we believe that the first line of defense to protect our children, the staff, and other individuals at the educational facilities must be the presence of well trained, alert security officers.  Thereafter, a wide range of tools are available for consideration and implementation in order to make our educational facilities a safer place to be.  In addition to providing well trained security officers, TCB Security will assist in developing a unique security program that may include installation of metal detectors, random wand search and screening, installation of CCTV cameras, etc.

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict when unstable individuals will take advantage of educational facilities to perpetrate some of the heinous crimes we have recently witnessed; however, we will take every measure to provide a first line of defense and a true feeling of security to the individuals at educational facilities.  We believe in being proactive and providing defensive steps to enhance security measures.  Other services offered by our security staff include:


  • Foot and/or vehicle patrols
  • Unlocking doors to the classrooms and other designated buildings
  • Checking restroom facilities for unauthorized persons
  • Check visitors and guests
  • Assist with evacuation policies
  • Log in visitors
  • Patrolling parking lot area
  • Responding to reports of suspicious packages
  • Responding to administrative requests for security assistance as needed
  • Conduct identification checks